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Baviphat-{ Hair & Body Care }


Black Sugar Body Scrub--(S$14.90)
Product Description:Using natural sugar scrub effect on the skin to exfoliate without irritating and refreshing, honey extract and coffee extract containing moisturizing your skin, making it supple and elastic

Apple Vita Moisture Hand Gel Lotion--(S$9.90)

Product Description: 70ml
A hand gel with apple scent! Helps to relief dryness! :) 
Contains apple extracts so as to care for dry hand clearly and softly.

Peach Body Scrub--(Special S$13.90 U.P S$14.60)
Product Description: 120ml
Contains apricot stone for a one time scrub and sebum control. Be surrounded in the sweet scent of the richness of peaches. Keep cells against damage accumulation. 

Lavender Bubble Bubble Body Wash (*Special*- S$14)

Lemon Moisturising Body Wash--(S$15.40)
Product Description: Bright Vibrant Lemon For The Skin! (300ml)

Peach Body Wash--(S$13.80)
(out-of-stock-email us for details on new stock arrivals!)

Product Description: How about a peach bodywash? :) (280ml)

{ Hair Care }

Indi girl intensive Treatment Hair Mask--(S$7.50)

Indi Girl Shiny Supply Hair Essence--(S$15.80)
Product Description: 100ml
Shine hair essence containing rainbow complex with moisturizing effects (red, orange, yellow, green, violet, and blue flower extracts) provides luster and bounce to damaged and rough hair.

Herb Mane Magic Repair Hair Essence--(S$15.80)
Product Description:"Essence for shiny hair & nutrition."(100ml)

*NEW* Bodle Bodle Baby Foot Peeling Treatment (Debut Special--S$13.50!! U.PS$14.80)
(out-of-stock-email us for details on new stock arrivals!)

Product Description: Ever used a foot mask that could help to peel off the dead skin/cells on your foot?!
Basicly, soak you two foot on the peeling liquid for 1hr-1hr30mins(Kind of long eh? But it's definitely worth it! :) )
Cause after 3-6 days, your foot will turn scaly and dead skin cells the dead skin will naturally fall off.  Wait about 1-2 weeks for makes a smooth, soft feet. (Great for people who tends to have cracked heels. This is also similar to the Tony Moly's Shiny Peeling Foot Liquid! :)

REVIEW: My mum might be trying it today/ when there's time, so I might do a follow up, so stay tuned for results. :P


Items below are out-of-stock, email/tag us if you are interested in any! & there will be more updates soon! :)

Herb Mane Hair Care Shine Mist--(Special-S$11.20!U.P-$13.50)
허브 메인 샤인 케어 헤어 미스트
Product Description:(200ml)

Herb Mane Double Moisture Hair Mist--(Special-S$11.20!U.P-$13.50)
허브 메인 더블 모이스처 헤어 미스트
Product Description:(200ml)

Rich Hair Plus Shampoo--(S$12.00)
리치 헤어 플러스 샴푸[탈모방지용]
Product Description: Hair Lost Prevention Shampoo!(300ml)

Herb Mane Peppermint Cooling Shampoo--(S$12.50)
허브 메인 페퍼민트 쿨링 샴푸
Product Description: (250ml)

Herb Mane All in One Hair & Body Shampoo--(S$12.50)
허브 메인 올인원 헤어&바디 샴푸
Product Description:(250ml)

Lemon Moisture Hand Lotion--(S$9.90)

Product Description: Try this propose lemon hand lotion! :)  (70ml)

*NEW*SUPER MODEL Peppermint Heating Body Slimming Patch--(S$8.90)
Product Description: A slimming patch for a beautiful body line.

It looks interesting! Not sure if anyone's interested in a slimming patch.But might bring this in as it's a new product. :) No harm trying.

Multi-Function Hair Treatment--(S$15.20)

Product Description:"Nutrition & Hydration Intensive Hair Treatment" (250ml)

All the reviewers seems to love this product! :)

Herb Mane Hair Repair Cuticle Essence--(S$15.80)
Product Description:"Water & Feeding Hair Essence" (100ml)

 Great for use before hair dryer, curling iron, etc. 

&Very dry hair and split ends.

O2 Slimming Bubble Peeling Gel--(S$18.90)

Product Description: A Slimming peeling gel for body! :) Helps to exfoliate dead skin and skin impurities! (250ml) 

Tea Tee It Trouble Catch Body Wash--(S$13.50)

Product Description: A body wash that's good for people with acne problems on their body. (300ml)

Applemint So Cool Body Wash--(S$13.80)
Product Description: For a slim figure, cool and refreshing apple-mint! :) (300ml)

{Note* If there's anything you would like to fond/interested in, but could not find it here,
Do leave a tag or email us for more details ;) }

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